Underground work is on construction the most burdened with disputes

Contract consultation and expert advice at every stage. Effective dispute resolution.  Preparation and execution of enforceable claims

Our construction claims consultants are expert enough to effectively identify, analyze, prepare and present construction claims on deep foundation projects public or private. 

They have directed and involved on deep foundation work supervising all main office engineering, administration, estimating, contract, and field operations.  Risk assessment and construction claims all specifically related to deep foundations. Researched, organized and prepared construction related claims, and either negotiated their resolution, or asserted their merits in arbitration, mediation, or trial. Implemented computerized job costing and estimating techniques, from which pro-forma, operating cash flows, were generated and where extra costs or overruns costs can be proved.  

Our deep foundation experts [piles (concrete & Steel) – caissons – CIDH piles – drilled piles – auger cast piles – shoring – foundation retrofit ]  are not just theoretical or academic their value is that since 1980 they have specialized in the construction of deep foundations they have been directly involved in the field .In Mexico they have been involved in 350 deep foundation projects in USA California, Nevada and Arizona 1,650 projects.

Retaining competent construction experts on deep foundations (pile driving (concrete/steel), drilled shafts, caissons, drilling, vibratory work, sheet piling, auger cast piling) to resolve those disputes significantly improves your outcome

We believe that the most effective construction claim consultations begin long before a dispute arises on the job site therefore we would provide construction claims analysis and monitoring during performance of project.

Our team of outstanding construction claim consultants will work with you to navigate construction claims that arise throughout your project. Will work with you to identify, analyze find root cause, prepare, and present construction claims on your deep foundation construction projects.

Our claims services include the following:

  • Claims management
  • Claims analysis
  • Alternate dispute resolution
  • Expert witness & opinions. 
  • Project Controls 
  • Extra Cost – Change order request analysis – Blue Book – Federal & State cost charts.

We are not “general” construction experts. We are more effective because our arbitration and trial experience has dealt exclusively with DEEP FOUNDATIONS. The claims of deep foundation are unique on its type and its defenses mainly deal with:   

  • Differing Site Conditions
  • Unforeseen change conditions 
  • Underground change conditions  
  • Deep foundation Design errors & omissions  
  • Defective and/or Incomplete subsurface data & information (boring logs)